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Ferpie & Fray Hand Poured Soy Candle (3 Sizes)

Handmade soy candle including our soy/cotton blend wicks ensure a slow, even and clean burn. Approximately 50-60 hours burn time.

Ferpie & Fray Hand Poured Soy Candle (3 Sizes)

PriceFrom $10.00
  • Ferpie + Fray is a company with a focus on locally sourced, sustainable and handmade home decor.  Every candle is hand poured here in the Pacific Northwest with 100% soy wax in recyclable materials. 

  • Golden: This scent is a personal favorite! It has perfect soft tropical notes of orange + pineapple with a softness of shea and almond. It is like a vacation in your home. Orange + Pineapple + Shea + Almond


    Oatmeal + Eucalyptus: A fresh mix of eucalyptus greens, balanced softly with warm vanilla and oat that elevates this blend to feel like a relaxing day at the spa.  Eucalyptus + Moss + Amber + Oat + Honey 


    Saffron + Sugar: A beautiful spicy and intriguing fragrance that embodies all seasons. Soft notes of cashmere wood, orange flower, and amber with base notes of ginger and bold saffron. This spicy fragrance entertains your senses!   Ginger + Saffron + Amber + Cashmere


    Vanilla Bean: This is a house favorite and a blend that took the longest to source. A scent throw that isn't overly artificial. We wanted this one to capture the heart of the vanilla bean. Its soft yet not overly sweet. Great for bedrooms and living room spaces.   Buttercream + Vanilla + Sugar + Bourbon


    Lemon Lavender Vanilla:  Lemon Verbena: Another great citrus base with the scent of fresh lemons. This blend is perfect for kitchens or bathrooms. Great for keeping these spaces smelling clean and joyful.  Lemongrass + Sugar + Vanilla


    Maple Bourbon: This scent is a favorite year round but shows off in the later Summer, Fall and Winter. It has top notes of Apple that feels fresh, and as it burns slowly releases a sweet hint of maple. It has been nicknamed "the candle that keeps giving" for it's ever changing scent throws throughout the burn.  Apple + Cinnamon + Orange + Maple + Vanilla


    Cashmere:  a blend with a cozy warmth with notes of almond, shea and coconut. Plum and Black Cherry shine through the base of this scent and gives a perfect balance of both soft + inviting and WILDLY entertaining!  Plum + Amber + Vanilla + Almond  



    Honey Sea Salt: A long time best seller. Honey Sea Salt is a soft scent that smells like a beach house on the water with fresh honeysuckle bushes close by. Its floral but not overpowering. Perfect for anywhere in your home.. especially in entry ways, bathrooms, kitchens and living rooms.   Jasmine + Honeysuckle + Sea Salt + Ozone + Plum + Cardamom


    Fig + Rhubarb: This blend is so soft, its a subtle throw of warm figs and and sweet Rhubarb. It easily travels from Fall to Winter to Spring as a candle you can enjoy all year and has a way of complimenting each season in a unique way. Perfect for bedrooms, living room areas, and entry ways.  Rhubarb + Red Currant + Strawberry +Fig + Blackberry +Vanilla


    Driftwood + Moss: This masculine blend feels like a perfect nod to earthly tones with hints of sandalwood + musk.  Ozone + Sandalwood + Amber + Musk + Cedar + Patchouli 


    Molasses + Tobacco: Another masculine blend that is vibrate and strong. It has sweet honey top notes, yet a slightly smoky body and encompasses the tonka bean ever so perfectly.   Bergamot + Honey + Amber + Coriander + Tonka + Musk + Tobacco Leaves + Oud