Ferpie & Fray Room/Linen Spray

Ferpie And Fray sprays can be used all over your home, car, and clothes for a fresh burst of fragrance. Use them to freshen your sheets, curtains, and pillows daily! Carry in your purse for a easy way to bring your favorite F+F scent with you on the go. Our sprays are perfect for freshening your car on the go too! Linen and coat closets, keep one in your bathroom or even spray lightly on your coat before leaving the house.. the options are ENDLESS! 

-Non toxic 
-Vegan (no animal products and no animal testing // although Charlie + Clementine do enjoy them!)
-Made with: Organic aloe juice, organic white willow bark extract, witch hazel distillate, and tea tree essential oil, paraben/phthalate-free fragrance oils

Our fine mist sprayers distribute the spray nice and evenly throughout the air, this helps ensure your linen + room sprays last a long time with little to no waste.

Ferpie & Fray Room/Linen Spray

  • Ferpie + Fray is a company with a focus on locally sourced, sustainable and handmade home decor.  Every candle is hand poured here in the Pacific Northwest with 100% soy wax in recyclable materials. 

  • Honey Sea Salt: A long time best seller. Honey Sea Salt is a soft scent that smells like a beach house on the water with fresh honeysuckle bushes close by. Its floral but not overpowering. Perfect for anywhere in your home.. especially in entry ways, bathrooms, kitchens and living rooms.   Jasmine + Honeysuckle + Sea Salt + Ozone + Plum + Cardamom


    Fig + Rhubarb: This blend is so soft, its a subtle throw of warm figs and and sweet Rhubarb. It easily travels from Fall to Winter to Spring as a candle you can enjoy all year and has a way of complimenting each season in a unique way. Perfect for bedrooms, living room areas, and entry ways.  Rhubarb + Red Currant + Strawberry +Fig + Blackberry +Vanilla


    Driftwood + Moss: This masculine blend feels like a perfect nod to earthly tones with hints of sandalwood + musk.  Ozone + Sandalwood + Amber + Musk + Cedar + Patchouli 


    Molasses + Tobacco: Another masculine blend that is vibrate and strong. It has sweet honey top notes, yet a slightly smoky body and encompasses the tonka bean ever so perfectly.   Bergamot + Honey + Amber + Coriander + Tonka + Musk + Tobacco Leaves + Oud


    Vanilla Bean: This is a house favorite and a blend that took the longest to source. A scent throw that isn't overly artificial. We wanted this one to capture the heart of the vanilla bean. Its soft yet not overly sweet. Great for bedrooms and living room spaces.   Buttercream + Vanilla + Sugar + Bourbon


    Maple Bourbon: This scent is a favorite year round but shows off in the later Summer, Fall and Winter. It has top notes of Apple that feels fresh, and as it burns slowly releases a sweet hint of maple. It has been nicknamed "the candle that keeps giving" for it's ever changing scent throws throughout the burn.  Apple + Cinnamon + Orange + Maple + Vanilla