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Found My Animal Cotton Rope Dog Collar

Our ombre rope and leather dog collars are hand dyed and crafted in our studio in New York from domestic leather and US manufactured marine-grade rope. Attached to each collar is a stamped FOUND tag to serve as a reminder and celebrates adopted animals and their people.



  • SMALL: 5 pounds - 12 pound / 10 inches - 13 inches / ½ inch wide
  • MEDIUM: 12 pounds – 30 pounds / 12.5 inches – 15 inches / ⅝  inch wide
  • LARGE: 30 pounds – 40 pounds / 15 inches - 18 inches / ⅞ inch wide
  • EXTRA LARGE: 40 pounds+ lbs / 19inches – 22.5 inches / 1 inch wide

Found My Animal Cotton Rope Dog Collar

  • It all started with Walter - and his doppelgänger.  On a neighborhood walk in Brooklyn in 2006, Bethany Obrecht and her rescue dog - a handsome chihuahua named Walter - crossed paths with Anna Conway and her pooch - (you guessed it - another rescue chihuahua named Walter!)  With so much in common, the two “Walters” and their Moms became fast friends - and together they would change the lives of many more rescue animals. 

    With a penchant for crafts, and inspiration from a fisherman in the family, the two designed and created their first leashes made with marine-grade rope, brass, and waxed canvas. Made beautifully with 3 strand, hand spliced, whipped rope, they were an instant hit. Indeed, so many people stopped them in the street to admire their unique nautical leads, that the women decided to share them with others - and within a short time a new business, called Found My Animal was born. 

    Unique to each leash is a simple, numbered brass tag that reads “FOUND” - a simple message that reflects the company mission to promote animal adoption in a very direct way, by letting your pet wear your values. To date, more than 117,000 of these numbered leashes have been sold. 

    Found My Animal …compassionate people, making beautiful artisan products with a meaningful purpose and message … all thanks to Walter! 

  • Bermuda's animals need your help!  Profits from the sale of this product will be donated to the Bermuda S.P.C.A.  Funds will be used to provide complimentary one-on-one training sessions for every adopted dog.