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Goof Off Heavy Duty Remover 22 oz

Goof Off Heavy Duty Spot Remover works like magic to quickly remove difficult mistakes, spots and messes that ordinary household cleaners can't. It works the first time, thanks to its powerful, micro-emulsion formula that penetrates deep into spots, stains, spills and greasy messes to make tough cleaning easy. 


Why mess around with stubborn spots and stains, when you can eliminate them quickly and easily with Goof Off Heavy Duty removers. Goof Off works the first time, removing the messes ordinary cleaner can't - including adhesives & glues, crayon, pen & markers, gum, scuff marks, stickers & decals, tree sap, nail polish, shoe polish, lipstick, latex paint, asphalt & tar and more. All without harsh fumes or oily residue. And Goof Off works on all kinds of hard surfaces including, all metals, glass, brick, wood, concrete, grout, vinyl tops, fiberglass, hand tools, most automotive surfaces, counter tops, and more. Goof Off is the right choice for DIYers, and anyone who wants to cut big cleaning jobs down to size.

Goof Off Heavy Duty Remover 22 oz

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