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Sea Hawk Epoxy F6 MicroSphere Fairing Filler

F6 MicroSphere Fairing Filler is part of the Hawk Epoxy system. This state-of-the-art epoxy system is for building and repairing boats, planes, surfboards, canoes, and many other substrates. There are also a multitude of home construction and repair projects perfectly suited for Hawk Epoxy.


The foundation of our epoxy system is our R1 Epoxy Resin which fulfills all of the different application needs with its eleven-part catalyst and fairing options. Bonding, fairing, coating, waterproofing and air exchange reduction have never been simpler.


F6 MicroSphere Fairing Filler thickens to a white lightweight fairing compound for small to large areas. This closed celled structure can also be used for increased acoustic and thermal insulation.

Sea Hawk Epoxy F6 MicroSphere Fairing Filler

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