Bar Soaps are made with a base of olive, coconut and soybean oils. We use lye to saponify the oils so they turn into soap. Available in all of our fragrances, including fragrance free and some have added natural and/or cosmetic color. All are very gentle and moisturizing, and are lovely to use hair to toes!

Old Whaling Company Bar Soap

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  • SEABERRY + ROSE CLAY: Our number one selling scent! If you're a fan of fruity scents, you will love our Seaberry products. Made with rose kaolin clay which naturally colors the bar and makes it a favorite for faces! 

    SEAWEED + SEA SALT:  Made with kelp powder + granules for natural color and exfoliation with a fresh, beachy fragrance.

    MAGNOLIA: Our Magnolia fragrance is a bold floral scent that is reminiscent of spring in Charleston.

    BAMBOO + TEAK: If you love a scrubby exfoliating soap, our Bamboo & Teak bar is a great choice! We make it with an exfoliating, fine grain pumice powder which also gives the soap a beautiful gray hue. It feels like a fine grit sandpaper when you use the bar directly on your skin. This light fragrance is a clean, woodsy blend.

    FRENCH LAVENDER: This calming purple lavender soap is scented with our favorite lavender fragrance. 

    SEA LA VIE:  A beautiful bright teal color soap with a sweet fragrance blend of clean fresh florals and citrus.

    CASTILE BABY BAR: Our Castile Bar is our most gentle soap. It is color and fragrance free, with the added benefit of moisturizing goats milk. Goat's milk cleanses skin without stripping or dehydrating it.Joanna Gaines picked this soap as her Magnolia Journal 2019 Summer Favorite!