Pure + Good Flea & Tick  Waterless Shampoo (Lemongrass, Cedarwood, Citronella)

Our waterless foaming shampoo formulas are PH balanced just for animals. Completely pure and free of chemicals, detergents sulfates, phthalates, and parabens. They are expertly blended and properly diluted for safe and effective use on all animals. No rinsing with water is necessary, just massage into your pet's coat and wipe with a clean dry towel to remove any excess dirt.

We believe in the natural approach to flea & tick control for the safety of your pets health and home.  All of our formulas are made with ingredients that are chemical and pesticide free, with a unique blend of essential oils to safely deter fleas, ticks, biting flies, and mosquitos.



+ Its natural scent is unappealing to insects

+ Antiseptic and Astringent properties help to quickly heal and prevent skin irritations

+ Inhibits bacterial and fungal infections



+ Excellent insect and parasite repellant works by masking scents that attracting insects

+ Inhibits fungal growth

+ Promotes filtering of toxins through blood and sweat



+ Excellent mosquito and insect repellant

+ Anti-inflammatory for muscles and joints 

+ Cures fungal infections and supports healthy skin



+ Natural deterrent against mosquitoes and flying insects

+ Promotes circulations which makes it a great moisturizer and skin soother 

+ A powerful detoxifier, great at cleansing the skin and fur of impurities.

+ Widely considered the best oil in natural pet therapies

Pure + Good Flea & Tick Waterless Shampoo (Lemongrass, Cedarwood, Citronella)

  • Bermuda's animals need your help!  Profits from the sale of this product will be donated to the Bermuda S.P.C.A.  Funds will be used to provide complimentary one-on-one training sessions for every adopted dog.

  • When the family's Golden Retriever had 14 puppies, it was in our search for a gentle and effective natural shampoo option that the inspiration for Pure + Good was born. Started by a mother and daughter who love their dogs and natural wellness, they set out to create a line of products for pets that was truly natural. Working with a local chemist for over a year, we launched our first shampoo line in 2013 that was completely free of chemicals, detergents, sulfates, pthalates, parabens and fragrances. Since then we have continued to expand our product line founded on this chemical free principle. We work with countless small businesses to bring our product to market and value the relationships we have with these business owners who are equally passionate about Pet and Environmental health.


    + The best quality of life for our pets

    + Naturally sourced ingredients

    + Healing powers of essential oils

    + Recyclable packaging

    + Working with small businesses

    + Creating products that don't harm the earth

    + Educating consumers about greener ways to treat the animals they love so much and the world around us.

    + Absolutely ZERO chemicals, detergents, sulfates, pthalates, parabens, mineral oils, preservatives and fragrances