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Raptor 2K Black Aerosol Bedliner

Highly durable and tough protective coating

The convenient RAPTOR 2K Bedliner Aerosol offers a fast, easy way to apply RAPTOR without compromising performance, no spray equipment necessary. Ideal for spot repairs and small jobs. 

U-pol's RAPTOR can be used on a variety of surfaces that need a protective barrier that withstands the toughest situations. Using RAPTOR is easy - Now you can spray RAPTOR 2K Bedliner Aerosol for a no mess, no clean-up application. 

  • The durability of RAPTOR with the convenience of an aerosol
  • Easy and convenient - activate using the valve on base
  • Textured "gun" finish
  • No need for spray equipment
  • Ideal for both consumers and professionals
  • UV and water resistant


  • Color: Black
  • Net Wt.: 13.2 oz.
  • Rec. Application Temperature: 68°F
  • Handling Time: <60 min
  • Through Dry: 5-7 days

Raptor 2K Black Aerosol Bedliner

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