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Sea Hawk Islands 77 Premium Ablative Boat Bottom Paint

slands 77 Plus was developed as an alternative to tin-based antifouling paints to protect against the harshest marine environments. Using the newest biocide technology, a revolutionary polymer binder system produces an engineered biocide release that leaves no harmful effects on the environment. The result is a multi-season self-polishing paint that provides equivalent protection to tin-based formulas.


  • Harder self-polishing polymer binding system
  • Highest grade of cuprous oxide available (more potent active ingredient)
  • Better color consistency for color matching
  • Consistent viscosity = better flow and rolling ability
  • Llyod’s Registry Certified


“Endeavour Catamaran, a manufacturer of luxury yachts in Clearwater, Florida, uses Sea Hawk’s Islands 77 Plus exclusively on all of their new catamarans and have for over 14 years. Also Endeavour Catamaran has a (boat yard) Marina in St. Petersburg, Florida, that service Endeavours, as well as other types of manufacturers boats. Endeavour Marine (boat yard) has found Sea Hawk’s Islands 77 Plus to be the most dependable and affordable bottom paint on the market. Endeavour Marine is confident enough in Islands 77 Plus that it has converted hundreds of boats over to this paint over the years.”


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Sea Hawk Islands 77 Premium Ablative Boat Bottom Paint

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