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Sea Hawk Islands Sharkskin Hard Boat Bottom Paint

Sharkskin is Sea Hawk’s traditional 45.2% copper-based hard-modified epoxy paint. Sharkskinaggressively combats all types of marine fouling including barnacles, sea grass, green weed and other fouling organisms in fresh and saltwater. Sharkskin can be applied over most antifouling coatings.


  • Most effective copper release rate
  • Highest grade of cuprous oxide available (more potent active ingredient)
  • Better color consistency for color matching
  • Consistent viscosity = better flow and rolling ability


“I have been using Sea Hawk Paints for 20 years, and it is #1 in our market. I recommend it to everyone. Even though I have used all other name brand marine paints, I have found the best results with Sea Hawk products. The boats are so easy to clean – even after two years. All of the boats that come out of the water with Sea Hawk on their bottoms look better than any of the other boats.”

Jose Magalhaes
Paint Foreman,

Fairhaven Shipyard
, Fairhaven, MA


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Sea Hawk Islands Sharkskin Hard Boat Bottom Paint

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