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Acid Magic User Friendly Muriatic Acid Gallon

ACID MAGIC - BUFFERED MURIATIC ACID Acid Magic is full strength 1-to-1 replacement for muriatic acid. This revolutionary muriatic acid product has all the cleaning, etching, and PH reduction properties of powerful acids but with 90% less fumes - and Acid Magic will not cause burns to intact skin.


Acid Magic is the best product for dissolving calcium deposits on filter cartridges, and for cleaning tile and concrete. Can be used to more effectively reduce high pH and total alkalinity in pools and spas.


1-to-1 replacement for Muriatic Acid 90% fewer fumes - less fuming issues Safer handling - does not burn intact skin


More effective in reducing high pH than dry acid products


Very economical to use -- a little goes a long way


Superior for filter scale cleaning. Acid Magic offers the advantages of liquid acid products while nearly eliminating many of the dangers, including skin burns and toxic fumes. Dramatically more effective in reducing stubbornly high pH and total alkalinity than dry acid pH decreaser. PRM Clients generally use Acid Magic primarily to clean air strippers, oil/water separators, etc. for dissolving iron & biological buildup.


By reducing the risk of acid burns and toxic fumes, it allows for easier handling, transportation, and storage. Due to the reduced fuming, there is less corrosion to metal structures and fixtures, including storage areas, pool equipment, and filtration systems. ACID Magic is equally active upon oxides of metal when compared to standard muriatic acid. ACID Magic is great for enamel paint removal, general cleaning, pH and total alkalinity reduction, etching concrete, dissolving mineral deposits, and removal of excess concrete and plaster from tools and equipment.  Caution: Poison and corrosive

Acid Magic User Friendly Muriatic Acid Gallon