Marine Boat Paint Rowe Spurling Paint Company Bermuda

Paint not only gives your boat a beautiful appearance, it also protect it from the elements.  Choose from our Dupont Imron two part primers and paints or use a premium single part paint from our Epifanes or Interlux line.  


Need to do some repairs? We also carry West System and Sea Hawk resins.

Antifouling paints protect the bottom of your boat from barnacles, grass and slime which can damage your hull and slow down your boat’s performance.


We carry bottom paints from Sea Hawk and Interlux in both soft and hard formulas.

An ablative paint (soft) works a bar of soap. As your boat moves through the water small layers of paint wash off, taking away any growth. For best durability make sure to apply at least 2 coats to the bottom of your boat and a third around the water line.  Hard bottom paints are full of biocides which leach out when they come in contact with water.  These ingredients are what keep barnacles, grasses and slime from attaching.  Perfect for faster moving boats, the do not rub off like ablative paints.  However, over the years they build up and have be removed to prevent cracking and flaking.