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Color Care Interior/Exterior EGGSHELL White Paint

Color Care latex paint and primer can be used on walls and ceilings, cabinets, doors and trim both inside and outside your home.


This budget friendly paint is washable, durable and provides good coverage and hide.


One gallon covers between 250-350 square feet depending on surface texture and porosity.  


If priming the walls is necessary, allow the primer to dry for at least 24 hours before top coating.


Dry to the touch in 30 minutes.  Allow at least 4-6 hours of drying time between coats.  DRYING TIME MAY VARY DEPENDING ON WEATHER CONDITIONS.


Freshly painted surfaces may be washed after 60 days.  Until then, avoid thouching, wiping or wetting.  





Color Care Interior/Exterior EGGSHELL White Paint

PriceFrom $30.00
  • One gallon of paint covers about 400 square feet.  Remember if you are choosing a darker colour or making a big colour change more than one coat may be needed for full coverage.

  • FLAT PAINT has no shine and a chalky appearance.  It hides minor wall imperfections but can be difficult to keep clean.  Use flat paints on the outside of older houses or where a flat finish is desired.

    LOW LUSTER PAINT has a little sheen.  Use this if your home is in high traffic areas (like on a road side where dirt can accumulate on the wall quickly) or if you have a lot of landscaping to minimize dirt splatter.