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Dynaflex 230 Interior/Exterior Caulking

DAP DYNAFLEX 230 100% waterproof window, door, siding and trim sealant is a premium elastomeric sealant with silicone like toughness to withstand the elements. Combines outstanding durability, adhesion and flexibility with easy tooling, paintability, low odor and water clean-up. Highly flexible to handle joint movement without cracking, crumbling or losing adhesionIdeal for sealing around window and door frames, siding and trim both inside and out.


  • Premium window, door, siding and trim sealant
  • 100% waterproof and weather proof
  • Silicone tough and crack proof
  • Superior flexibility and adhesion
  • Ideal for composite wood and PVC trimboard
  • Easy clean up with water and has low odor
  • Exterior/interior use

Dynaflex 230 Interior/Exterior Caulking