Indasa Nylon Scuff Pads are perfect for houshold, marine and automotive use. New and improved to offer longer lasting working lifetime and consistent finish.  Use for cleaning and scuffing a variety of surfaces before painting.  Usable on both sides and for both wet or dry sanding.  Available in Coarse (Green), Medium (Burgundy), Fine (Gray), and Very Fine (White).


  • Extremely flexible and tear resistant
  • Web construction helps prevent over sanding
  • May be used for wet or dry sanding



  • Coarse (Green): Cleaning
  • Medium (Burgundy): Keying and scuffing panels prior to paint, keying plastics
  • Fine (Gray): Scuffing lacquers, top coats and primers before painting; keying clear coats
  • Very Fine (White): Finishing lacquers and paints

Indasa Scuffpads