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PM Industries Mastercoat Primer (Rust Lock) Quart

Mastercoat Permanent Rust Sealer is an all-in-one primer, surfacer, and rust sealer that will stop rust permanently on your vehicle, trailer, tractor, boat, outdoor furnishings, or anywhere rust occurs. It is self-leveling to fill in surface pits, highly sandable, UV stable, and toothy for good adhesion for a topcoat.


Use at least two coats of Mastercoat Permanant Rust Sealer and one coat of topcoat for a super effective system to stop rust and keep it from coming back on your car's chassis. If not using a topcoat, apply three coats.


Mastercoat Permanent Rust Sealer also accepts any paint of your choosing as a topcoat. UV stable.  Sands to a feather.  Accepts any paint or primer as a topcoat.  Repairs and protects gas tanks inside and out. Great for vehicle chassis exposed to salt.


Ideal for vehicles, around the home, industrial use, roofs, marine: virtually anywhere rust occurs!

PM Industries Mastercoat Primer (Rust Lock) Quart