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Krud Kutter Cleaner And Degreaser

KRUD HAPPENS! No other single product removes really tough soils as quickly and effectively from so many different surfaces. Cuts grease, grime, oil & wax fast. Removes dried latex paint and is an excellent tile and grout cleaner.


Safely & Easily Removes:


Food & Drink Stains

Dried Latex Paint

Paint Overspray

Tape Residue

Glue & Adhesive

Acid Rain

Bird Droppings

Smoke Damage

Grease & Oil

Marker & Crayon

Pet Stains

Tree Sap

Brake Dust

Fireplace Soot



Scuff Marks

Blood Stains

Sun Tan Oil

Tar & Wax

Chewing Gum

Soap Scum

Mildew Stains

Shoe Polish

Wine Stains

And More

Krud Kutter Cleaner And Degreaser