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California Paint Ultra Ceramic Interior Satin Wall/Trim Paint
  • Perfect for woodwork, doors and trim.

  • Non-yellowing and self leveling

  • Ultra Aquaborne Ceramic Premium Satin Finish is a 100% Acrylic Ceramic Microsphere wall and trim finish that offers superior washability and stain resistance on interior surfaces. Product can be used on exterior surfaces.

  • Exceptional mar resistance
  • Superior stain release
  • Unparalleled performance & durability
  • Dense film formation provides exceptional hide
  • White and mixed colours available


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California Paint Ultra Ceramic Interior Satin Wall/Trim Paint

PriceFrom $39.50
  • We are not able to offer refunds or exchanges on mixed paints or customized products.

  • FLAT PAINT has no shine and a chalky appearance.  It hides minor wall imperfections but can be difficult to keep clean.  Use flat paints for ceilings and low traffic areas like bedrooms.


    MATTE PAINT is a washable flat finish.  It is still flat enough to hide slight wall imperfections but most household stains can be washed clean with a mild soap.  This is our most popular finish for all interior rooms.


    EGGSHELL PAINT has a slight sheen and a waxy look.  In well lit rooms it can slightly highlight wall imperfections but it highly washable. Use eggshell paints for hallways, kitchens and entry ways or anywhere a scrubbable finish is desired.


    SATIN/SEMIGLOSS PAINT is best suited for interior doors/trim, kitchen cabinets or furniture.   A slight sheen gives contract to the finish of the walls and makes these elements easy to keep clean.


    HIGH GLOSS PAINT is best used for interior doors/trim, kitchen cabinets or furniture - anywhere a glossy look is desired.