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Pura Smart Diffuser

The Pura 4™ smart fragrance diffuser uses innovative smart features paired with premium, clean scents to give you the most modern, customized, and high-end scenting experience possible.


  • Safe & clean scents

    Pair with premium fragrances created with ingredients that are safe and clean


  • Long lasting

    Puralast™ provides a long-lasting fragrance experience of up to 120 hours


  • Smart features

    Adjust fragrance intensity, set schedules and timers, and more in the Pura app


  • Adaptive diffusion

    Get a consistent scent experience based on the temperature in your home

Pura Smart Diffuser

  • To start scenting, you’ll need:

    • A Pura smart fragrance diffuser
    • A fragrance
    • A power outlet
    • A phone that will connect to the diffuser via Bluetooth
    • A high-speed home internet connection with a 2.4GHz WiFi network (5 GHz is not supported).

    Setting up Pura is easy—follow the steps in the Pura app to set up your diffuser. Head here for extra help.